Voice of God

When I was younger,

say twelve or thirteen.


I asked my preacher Dad

“How does God sound when he speaks to a mortal man like you?”


He said “Try to talk with water in your mouth,

multiply the rumble you make by infinity.


Try to read a message of inverted alphabets

arranged backwards and italized like birds standing on a rope.


Imagine the mighty sound of mega large trumpets or a line of horning cars,

a falling bridge, the squash sound as you step on a fat Roach.


As clear as mystery, his voice is the loudest

silence you can ever hear.”


It’s been ten years since then.

More bridges has collapsed.


And more cars are horning than ever

with the drivers more keen on moving in random.


Our troubles are multipled by infinity.


People have an inverted reasons for doing things that isn’t right.

What a vile scene!


Last night rain made the reception bad,

my brother from the other end of the phone sounds like someone


whose head was under water

with mouth full of water.


The rumbling noise everywhere—

What is God saying?