Reckoning 4

Our future isn’t dried up yet, but its shape is not like you imagine.

Reckoning 4, guest-edited by Danika Dinsmore and (the Hugo winning!) Arkady Martine, focuses on the challenges of urban environments.

“A sobering burst of dynamic stories, poems, and essays that struggle with our overheating world. Arkady Martine and Danika Dinsmore have assembled a powerful collection for our unique time.” —Tobias Buckell, co-author of The Tangled Lands

Featuring poetry, essays, fiction and art by Arkady Martine, Leah Bobet, Jude Wetherell, Anna Kate Blair, Lissa Harris, Brigit A. Truex, E. M. Wright, Deborah L. Davitt, Wavery SM, Nicole Walker, Fran Wilde, Juliana Roth, Shikhandin, Emery Robin, Kaye Boesme, Rebecca Campbell, William Squirrell, Holly Hughes, Don Dussault, Noa Covo, Laurinda Lind, Geoffrey W. Cole, Tim Fab-Eme, Hal Y. Zhang, Alan Bao, Sydney Rossman-Reich, Commando Jugendstil and Didier Graves.

Ebook release: January 2020
e-ISBN: 978-0-9989252-7-1
Weightless Books

Print release: July 2020
ISBN: 978-0-9989252-6-4
Trade paper, perfect-bound. 244 pages; 62,000 words.

Online release: New content will be appearing weekly starting January 1, 2020; links go live in the table of contents below.



From the Editors: Holding On When All That Is Solid Melts Into Air – Arkady Martine January 1, 2020
Two Tides – Anna Kate Blair January 22, 2020 Interviewed by Juliana Roth
Resource Extraction Zone – Lissa Harris February 12, 2020
Xoxoxoxoxo – Nicole Walker March 4, 2020
A Rare Hybrid of Dung Beetle and Lion – Noa Covo May 20, 2020
Solarpunk Cities: Notes for a Manifesto – Commando Jugendstil July 1, 2020


The Dream of the Wood – Leah Bobet January 8, 2020
Damned Water – Brigit A. Truex January 29, 2020
Dark Waters – Deborah L. Davitt February 26, 2020
on the nuclear porch, Victor St. – Hal Y. Zhang March 18, 2020
After Erysichthon – Kaye Boesme April 8, 2020
When the Haze Descends – Shikhandin April 22, 2020
Great Auk – Holly Hughes May 13, 2020
Alive Between the Bands and Your Second Shift at the Factory – Laurinda Lind May 27, 2020
Niger Delta Blues, Unnatural Selection – Tim Fab-Eme June 10, 2020


Dead Horse Club – Jude Wetherell January 15, 2020   “… an absolutely exquisite piece of writing.” —Alex Brown,
The Last Good Time to Be Alive – Waverly SM February 5, 2020
The Water and the Wall – E. M. Wright February 19, 2020
Happenstance – Fran Wilde March 11, 2020
Thank You For Your Patience – Rebecca Campbell March 25, 2020   “… a story that feels as if it was written specifically for our current situation. Campbell captures a quiet sense of loss and devastation that hits home …” —Maria Haskins, Curious Fictions
Sky Suck – Juliana Roth April 1, 2020
Ambient and Isolated Effects of Fine Particulate Matter – Emery Robin April 15, 2020
Everything that Happens – William Squirrell April 29, 2020
lady meet mr robinson – Don Dussault May 6, 2020
Billy Ray’s Small Appliance Rehabilitation – Geoffrey W. Cole June 3, 2020
Growing Roots – Alan Bao June 17, 2020
Aluminum Hearts – Sydney Rossman-Reich June 24, 2020


Defense of the Environment – Didier Graves July 8, 2020