Submissions for Reckoning 5 closed September 22! We’re now open to general submissions to Reckoning 6.

To understand what we’re looking for, try Reckoning 4, Reckoning 3, Reckoning 2, Reckoning 1, the interviews, the Reckoning twitter, or LCRW 33.

The short version: creative writing about environmental justice. Fiction preferably at least a tiny bit speculative, nonfiction preferably more creative than journalistic, poetry tending towards the narrative and preferably with some thematic heft, art leaning away from the pulpy heavily towards the political. But the heart of what we want is your searingly personal, visceral, idiosyncratic understanding of the world and the people in it as it has been, as it is, as it will be, as it could be, as a consequence of humanity’s relationship with the earth.

We are actively seeking work from Indigenous writers and artists, writers and artists of color, queer and transgender writers and artists, and anyone who has suffered the consequences, intended or otherwise, of dominant society’s systemic disconnect with and mistreatment of the natural world. And we’re actively seeking new ways to reach all of the above. Seriously, if you know of a way we can do that, please share.

We’d love to publish work in translation! We’re currently open to considering writing in Spanish, French or Swedish for potential translation, and work already translated into English, for which we pay the same rate to both author and translator.

We don’t publish work we perceive to be prejudiced in any form, including sexism, racism, ableism, ageism. We reserve the right to point it out—respectfully—when we see it, though we’re as prone to mistakes and misunderstanding as anyone else.

We’re no longer accepting submissions by email; queries are ok. Simultaneous submissions are ok. Multiple poetry submissions is preferred, 3-5 poems, <10 pages; with longer submissions (including long poems), please send one at a time. Feel free to submit again after you hear back. Query for reprints. Length: 0 – 20,000 words (query for longer). Response time has ranged from one to four months. Payment is eight cents a word for prose, thirty dollars a page for poetry, art negotiable, minimum twenty-five dollars per piece. Sample contract is here. We’re always open for submissions, but the arbitrary cutoff point for the fifth issue will be the (northern hemisphere) autumn equinox, September 22, 2020.

Submit your work here via Moksha!

All of the above shall be subject hopefully not to too much change but certainly to clarification, evolution and adaptation.

34 thoughts on “Submit”

  1. Dear editors, I am a Cuban writer of fantasy and science fiction, and I would very much like to send you a text proposal to evaluate. But for some reason, the Moksha server does not support IPs from Cuba. Is there an alternative way to send the texts to the magazine?
    Thanks in advance and sorry for the inconvenience I may cause.
    With best wishes

  2. Thank you for considering my story, Making Ends Meet. Although it was rejected, I really appreciate the compliments on my writing and story line. It is indeed rare to see that in a rejection letter. I want to submit another story but I’m not sure it will fit your requirements. I’ll try to judge the next story with that in mind.

  3. re: “I am actively seeking work from…anyone who has suffered the consequences, intended or otherwise, of dominant society’s systemic disconnect with and mistreatment of the natural world.”

    This is a long story that I’m making terribly simple and short to answer your question. I am one of such people. I lost my mind and was forcibly held against my will in a mental hospital. Why? Because the things we’ve done to the Earth and to ourselves has poisoned our wellspring of life. It took me many years to recover, today I am completely stable and sane without any medications. How? I started to live differently, outside of the patterns of society where the natural order of the Earth could heal my body.

    I happen to be a writer, if you’d be interested in my works.. you have my email.

  4. Hi there,

    I just wanted to check if 45,000 words was a typo… Seems a lot for a magazine but I do have a 39,000 word novella! Did you mean 4,500?

    1. It’s not a typo. I am just trying hard not to be closed-minded. Practically, it’s a long shot that I’d be able to publish anything that length, because it would take up an entire issue. But I want to keep that possibility open.

  5. Hello,
    Is RECKONING a print or an online journal?
    If print, what is the distribution? If online, is it free?

    1. Reckoning will be an online journal, with aspirations to a print version currently but hopefully not permanently beyond our financial means. I’d rather pay authors than pay for ink and paper, even if it’s vegetable ink and recycled paper. The complete journal will be for sale online in ebook form, and all the content will also be released for free on the website gradually on a weekly basis, starting on the Winter solstice.

  6. Hello there,

    May I know if you consider entries from authors/writers outside North America?

    How do you pay? Via Paypal?


    1. Yes, we welcome and encourage submissions from authors outside the North America! So far we’ve seen submissions from the Caribbean, Spain, Australia, Germany, the UK, Canada, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some. A few semi-autonomous Native reservations in the US, do those count? Seriously, I wish English were not such a determining factor. I would love to publish some biligual work. I wish I had the capacity to appreciate artistic brilliance in languages other than English.

      We pay by PayPal or by check. And I don’t mind mailing checks internationally if needed.

  7. Is there a minimum amount of time you would prefer people to wait between being rejected and submitting a new piece? Some places have no minimum, as long as you wait until one piece is rejected before sending another but others seem ask writers to wait a month or so.

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