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“Exactly the kind of creative writing journal we need right now. [Reckoning] celebrates diversity–of nature, of human nature–while never shying away from the stark challenges of environmental justice. These stories, essays and poems highlight and negotiate the ecology of landscapes in decline and the many spaces humans occupy in a rapidly changing world. Yet they never once lose hope.” – Emmi Itäranta, author of A Memory of Water

“A bold new journal of speculation and resistance, alive with possibility yet achingly aware of the here and now.” – Sofia Samatar, author of Tinder

“I wholeheartedly recommend Reckoning. It is a refreshing breath of fresh air, full of life and language from around this one world that we are all together sharing. There is darkness and hope and work. It is a solid foundation, a grand beginning, and I cannot wait to see what comes next.” – Gavin J. Grant

Stylistically, culturally and ethnically diverse fiction, essays, poetry and art on the theme of environmental justice.

Ebook released December 22, 2016.
e-ISBN 978-0-9989252-1-9
Weightless Books

Print edition released July 21, 2016.
ISBN 978-0-9989252-0-2
Trade paper, perfect-bound, 220 pages, 46,000 words.



Cover – Mona Robles
from Concrete Jungle – Travis Macdonald March 13, 2017 Interview
Reckoning – Steve Logan July 10, 2017


Erin Hoffman – Transition January 5, 2017 Interview
Mohammad Shafiqul Islam – Rivers Lament January 19, 2017 Interview
James Treat – Four Found Poems February 13, 2017 Interview
Blythe Woolston – Agapostemon February 27, 2017 Interview
Chloe N. Clark – Sidelong Catastrophe March 20, 2017 Interview
Aozora Brockman – Kill or Be Killed April 3, 2017 Interview
Tai Allen – third world problems April 24, 2017 Interview
Brandon O’Brien – Papa Bois and the Boy May 29, 2017 Interview


Giselle Leeb – Wolphinia December 29, 2016 Interview
Kate Schapira – Three Alternate Histories January 26, 2017 Interview
Johannes Punkt – The Bumblebee-Maker’s Kiss February 17, 2017 Interview
Goldie Locks – 2222 February 6, 2017 Interview
Daniella Levy – The Olive Harvest March 6, 2017 Interview
Cae Hawksmoor – Civitas Sylvatica March 27, 2017 Interview
Emily Houk – Plague Winter April 10, 2017 Interview
Danika Dinsmore – Insanitary April 17, 2017 Interview
Diego Reymondez – Wine and Wisteria May 1, 2017 Interview
Robin Wyatt Dunn – The End of Occidentalism May 15, 2017 Interview
Lora Rivera – When No One’s Left May 22, 2017 Interview
J.R. McConvey – Eel of the Lake June 5, 2017 Interview
Benjamin Parzybok – The Hole in the Reef June 19, 2017 Interview
Justin Howe – Behind the Sun June 26, 2017 Interview
LJ Geoffrion – Written in the Book of the Woods July 5, 2017 Interview


Michael J DeLuca – Editor’s Note: Love in the Time of Reckoning December 21, 2016
Marissa Lingen – How Far Are We From Minneapolis? January 12, 2017 Interview
Christopher Brown – Rule of Capture May 8, 2017 Interview
George F – In Hambach Forst June 12, 2017

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