Reckoning 5

Tending tiny miracles until they split the pavement.

The present is clay, sitting cool and wet in the palm of your hand. Squash it, twist it, mold it. Shape it into something beautiful.

Reckoning 5, edited by Leah Bobet and Cécile Cristofari, concentrates on acknowledging the wonder of our environment as it is right now.

Featuring poetry, essays, fiction, and art by Hana Amani, Cécile Cristofari, Leah Bobet, Julia DaSilva, Marlon Hacla, Kristine Ong Muslim, Anthony Pearce, Angela Penrose, Christy Jones, Priya Chand, Maya Chhabra, Danielle Jorgenson Murray, Catherine Rockwood, Eileen Gunnell Lee, Liv Kane, S.L. Harris, Riley Tao, Remi Skytterstad, Ashley Bao, Corey Farrenkopf, Jennifer Mace, Sandy Parsons, D. Dina Friedman, Steve Rasnic Tem, Oyedotun Damilola Muees, Joseph Hope, Justine Teu, Tracy Whiteside, Rae Kocatka, Jennifer Mace, and Karen Heuler.

Ebook release: January 2, 2021
e-ISBN: 978-0-9989252-9-5
Weightless Books

Print release: July 2021
ISBN: 978-1-955360-00-5
Trade paper, perfect-bound. 238 pages; 60,000 words.

Online release: New content appearing weekly starting January 2, 2021; links go live in the table of contents below.



Cover: Reckoning 5 – Hana Amani January 2, 2021
Too Hot to Handle – Tracy Whiteside June 26, 2021 Nominated for a 2022 Utopia Award!


From the Editors – Cécile Cristofari January 9, 2021
From the Editors: a scribbled note in a water-damaged notebook – Leah Bobet January 9, 2021
No More Creepy Crawlies – Anthony Pearce January 30, 2021
On the Destruction and Restoration of Habitats – Priya Chand February 20, 2021AudioNominated for a 2022 Utopia Award!
Facing Medusas – Liv Kane March 27, 2021


Salvage Song – Julia DaSilva January 16, 2021
Mula sa Melismas – Marlon Hacla January 23, 2021
From Melismas – Marlon Hacla translated by Kristine Ong Muslim January 23, 2021
you said, ‘they’re making the ground soft’ – Christy Jones February 13, 2021
Owl Prowl – Maya Chhabra February 27, 2021
From the Embassy of Leaks to the Court of Cracks – Catherine Rockwood March 13, 2021
when the coral copies our fashion advice – Ashley Bao April 24, 2021AudioNominated for a 2022 Utopia Award!
photolinguistics – Jennifer Mace May 8, 2021
We Have So Little Time Left – D. Dina Friedman May 22, 2021
Voice of God – Joseph Hope June 12, 2021
letters from the ides – Jennifer Mace July 10, 2021


The Wild Inside – Angela Penrose February 6, 2021
Riverine – Danielle Jorgenson Murray March 6, 2021
You Cannot Return to the Burning Glade – Eileen Gunnell Lee March 20, 2021
Ash and Scar – S.L. Harris April 3, 2021
Gingko Biloba – Riley Tao April 10, 2021
A Song Born – Remi Skytterstad April 17, 2021 Nominated for a 2022 Utopia Award!
Wash’ashore Plastics Museum – Corey Farrenkopf May 1, 2021
The Talking Bears of Greikengkul – Sandy Parsons May 15, 2021
Mummies – Steve Rasnic Tem May 29, 2021
All We Have Left Is Ourselves – Oyedotun Damilola Muees June 5, 2021AudioWinner of a 2022 PEN Robert J. Dau Award for Emerging Writers! Nominated for a 2022 Utopia Award!
SPF – Justine Teu June 19, 2021 “Quietly powerful, with so much complexity beneath the surface.” —Maria Haskins
After Me, A Flood – Rae Kocatka July 3, 2021 “This beautifully written story knocked the wind out of me, no pun intended.” —Alex Brown at
The Restoration – Karen Heuler July 17, 2021