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Reckoning Press accepts (US) tax-free donations as a 501c3 nonprofit. Our goal is to promote and encourage creative thought and expression on matters of environmental justice. Donations help us to pay authors, artists, editors and staff for their work—helping them, with any luck, to do more of it.

In 2020, we raised our pay rate from 6 to 8 cents (US) a word for prose, and from $25 to $30 per page for poetry. Now we’re working towards 10 cents a word for prose and $50 per page for poetry.

In the fundraiser we’re planning for summer 2022, we hope to raise enough to produce (and pay readers for) audio versions of all our new content. This will also qualify us for ‘public charity’ status, which would let us apply for more grants like the advertising one we got this year from SFWA, which will find us more readers and donors, which will let us pay even better and influence more people to think, imagine, and feel more deeply about environmental justice. A virtuous circle, I think they call that.

There are lots of ways to help us do all of the above.

You can contribute through our Patreon, which gets you on our email subscription (all Reckoning’s content a day before it goes online), everything we put out in print, and an invite to participate in our staff/contributor Discord community.

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