What Doesn’t Work For Us

Please bear with this list’s tendency towards sarcasm. We get tired.

  • If your work isn’t about environmental justice, we’re not going to publish it.
  • Injustice isn’t justice. If, for example, your SF story details a dystopian world in which no one strives to make right, we’re likely not interested.
  • We don’t publish ecofascism. Ecofascism: that’s where your solution to e.g. global climate collapse involves repressing the poor and/or marginalized.
  • “All humans” is a non-starter. All humans are not responsible for global climate collapse. Rich colonizers perpetrate extractive capitalism on everyone else: they’re the ones responsible. Humans are individuals. Don’t, for example, lump Indigenous cultures in with your assessment of why suburban sprawl is bad.
  • Please, no “noble savage” trope. If you’re describing a situation where privilege meets suffering, we’re always going to be more interested in the perspective of the people suffering than the people witnessing the suffering.
  • We’re not great fans of “animals (or aliens) step in and solve everything for us”. We think there are ways to do this with nuance and complexity, but so far we haven’t seen much of that.
  • [more tk]

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