Podcast Episode 16: On Animal Rights and Animal Consciousness

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Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the Reckoning Press Podcast. It’s me, Michael J. DeLuca. I’m here for a very special experiment; we’re going to try our first roundtable. I have here with me Priya Chand, E.G. Condé and Juliana Roth, and they’re going to talk about animal consciousness, animal rights, and human rights.

[Bios below.]

Take it away, Juliana!


Author: Juliana Roth

Juliana Roth is the creator of the narrative web series, The University, which won Best Web/Pilot at the Los Angeles Film Awards and toured nonprofits and college campuses to raise awareness on survivor justice and consent. She is a 2021 Stowe Story Labs Maven Media Fellowship Finalist and is developing several new independent projects for film and tv. Her creative writing appears in the Los Angeles Review of Books, The Breakwater Review, Irish Pages, among others. She serves as a Media Specialist with Rivertown Film Society, teaches creative writing, and is a member Playwright/Actor with WCT Theatre.


Author: Priya Chand

Priya Chand majored in biology, with serious plans to never venture into fieldwork. She is now a volunteer steward with the local forest preserve, assisting primarily with the removal of invasive species. Her resume lists this as being a “hobbyist lumberjack.” Find her online at priyachandwrites.wordpress.com.

Author: E.G. Condé

E.G. Condé (he/him) is an Anthropologist of technology and a queer boricua imagineer of speculative fiction, fantasy, and horror. His short fiction appears in Anthropology & Humanism and If There’s Anyone Left. When he isn’t conjuring up faraway universes or nearly possible futures, you might find him traversing the world in search of sand dunes to hike on.

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