Will We Be Good and Kind at the End

When the long drought comes,

scorches the hands of the healers

will we bandage them

with clean white gauze

so they can continue their work

and when kindness faces starvation

will we look into our pantries

and gather, quickly

to feed her


when the winds come

raging and spitting

and buildings begin to buckle

at the knees,

will we rush to the labs

swing open all the cages,

release the macaques and chimps and baboons and dogs and rabbits and mice and rats




and will someone run

and free Adam Capay

and all the others

and all the plexi-glassed



and when the sea’s belly

swells and lifts us up

above rooftops and eagle nests

will we grab hold of anything we can

and hold its head up—

try to save it



Author: Kelly Madden

Kelly Madden writes poetry and fiction. Her work has appeared in anthologies Reckoning 2, Tending the Fire (LCP chapbook), Poetry Pause, Island Writer’s Magazine and elsewhere. She lives in the Comox Valley, BC.

2 thoughts on “Will We Be Good and Kind at the End”

  1. So glad to have discovered your work today, via Poetry Pause and your gut-punch of a piece, ‘Prince George Coffee Shop’. And equally happy to be directed to Reckoning. This poem from 2 years ago continues to be painfully relevant. Thanks for your work.

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