We were prickling

pine     we were humming

horn     we were sand

smudged     by sea

we were weed     wrapped

and swallowed     antler crowned

hum of rubythroat    before we were


White       is not a color is        the absence


a result of our eyes        the reflection

    a scatter

                of everything 


Here is where we lost         our moon

songs         our fox        tale  rooted dance     

how to say     sandthorn     sallowthorn     sea buckthorn




Where to find orange flecked 

fruit        how to snake

arm through thorns        clutch

avoid the colorless          bury

fingers in flesh      the ripest squish

outstretched        juiced

See how my hands       remember

the weight of this            kind of gold


Author: Laura Adrienne Brady

Laura Adrienne Brady is an MFA candidate at Northern Arizona University and a writer, educator, and singer-songwriter (known as Wren). Laura’s poems and essays have appeared in Brevity, The Rappahannock Review, on Seattle city buses, and elsewhere. Her most recent project, Pink Stone: Songs from Moose Lodge, is a folk album of original songs and a paired companion book of essays, lyrics, photos, and illustrations. Supported by a 4Culture Art Projects Grant, the collection explores illness, intimacy, and relationship with land, set against the backdrop of Washington’s Methow Valley. Explore Laura’s music and writing at SwimmingRabbitArts.com.

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