try to keep yourself—somehow—

tied: to the earth, perhaps—find joints

and sinews that echo your own in

the tree across the water, discover

home in the shelter of hedges or trace

a life down the edges of the river.

please, remember to stay tied:

maybe in her tender touch,

or in the glance shared—across an

expanse or two meters. above all—

i’ll keep repeating—be tied: hear the strings

plucked so far away, feel the echo, count

your luck to be here, to be bound, and know

how easy it is to be found.


Author: Ellie Milne-Brown

Ellie Milne-Brown is a writer and student whose poetry has been featured in Transcribed: An Anthology of Trans Writing (Polari, 2020). She recently completed an MA in Gender, Sexuality and Culture, and her time is divided between working in higher education administration, contemplating all the emails she needs to send, and writing a newsletter about the media she loves called tiny mammal kingdom.

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