third world problems

when rainwater becomes our source of bathing

and the rest fills a gallon of semi-clean plastic

humble roofs turn tin & rust

suddenly the word enough

rhymes with barely

the clothes we will sleep in are also living in the daylight

and the days are then measured in loss and love

humble roofs become tin & rust

we will discuss enough

but only find barely




Read Michael’s interview with Tai about “third world problems”.


Author: Tai Allen

Tai Allen is a poet, performer, vocalist, musician, producer and designer. He has toured domestically and internationally. He has been published in magazines such as Bomb and African Voices. Tai’s work has been featured on sites such as Okayplayer, CentricTV, Soultracks, and TimeOut. He has performed at the Apollo Theater’s Music Café, National Black Writers Festival, Ft Greene Festival, American Jazz Museum, Art of Cool Festival, The Nuyorican Poets Café and on the Today Show. He has also coordinated and curated concerts, conferences and festivals. A unique and refreshing artist, Tai has established a reputation as a visionary. Tai Allen loves basketball. Sterling Brown. Oscar Brown. Roy Ayers. King Tubby. Kevin McHale. Aretha Franklin. Illusions by Richard Bach. Children. Yankees. Nets. Giants. Steph Curry. Gelato. Jerk Chicken. Oscar Wilde. Brad Pitt. Octavia Butler. Rakim. Jigga. Roti. Poetry. Parenting. Blogs technology/sports/politics. Sitting in the sun, near water. (Photo courtesy of spaceship george.)

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