Once It Was a Tree

London, 2017, pens on paper.



Author: oneslutriot

Oneslutriot is a London-based, anonymous political/social artivist/painter who has coordinated and participated in events targeting injustice in daily life on themes such as repression, stereotyping, homelessness, LGBTQ, climate change and the refugee crisis. Her work has been exhibited at events across her adopted home of London and across the UK, as well as internationally in autonomous galleries and art venues across Europe.

In the days when the world is thrilled only by cash and the most popular new words in the dictionary are describing the endless idiocy of society—selfie, emoji, twerking—it becomes almost impossible for one to ignore this new order and avoid the fall into the black hole of capitalism while trying to survive and not to sell yourself off. Oneslutriot’s most current artworks are a social and political commentary on the relentless act of full time posing. In order to avoid being full-time-poser herself she chose to stay anonymous—staying in the shadow of the canvas—as she believes that artwork should carry out the message and not the appearance of the artist.

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