Nature’s Chosen Pronouns

*after Greta Gaard’s Toward a Queer Ecofeminism

But maybe nature isn’t even

a “her” . . . . When nature is feminized

and thereby erotized,

and culture is masculinized*,

the trouble starts, and it’s the bad kind.

When the girl puts on a summer dress:

“she’s asking for it”.

When the soil is “too rich not to steal”:

“she’s asking for it”.

When the non-westernized have (better)

non-reproductive sex and more

than two genders:

“they’re asking for it”.

So stop

the farther occupation of flesh,

of bodies made of earth.

Cut the virile organ

of colonization

before it brings more death

and the death of desire:

compulsory heterosexuality,

the age of the missionary,

with the conqueror “on top.”*


Author: Miriam Navarro Prieto

Miriam Navarro Prieto (she/her), Spanish artist who drifted from performance art to drawing, currently mainly focused on writing poems on autobiography, ecology, gender, queerness . . . . Her first self-published poem collection Todo está vivo is also available in English as Everything Is Alive, translated by the author. Her poems in English have been featured in journals like Capsule Stories and The Pinch, and her illustrations in The Winnow. She sends out a monthly bilingual newsletter-podcast on her creative process, with plants trivia and translated literature:

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