Love in the Time of Covid-19

Dear editor,

I am submitting the personal ad below as a letter to the editor in order to save money for any possible coronavirus-related financial hardship I may encounter. Thank you in advance for waiving, in the spirit of the times, the normal fee for classifieds.


CNM seeks CNW


Coronavirus-negative man seeks coronavirus-negative woman for social distancing, lockdown, self-isolation, quarantine, hospitalization, possible long-term relationship. Let’s avoid each other from the start! Especially interested in meeting compulsive handwashers and/or professional epidemiologists. Please, no asymptomatic super-spreaders. Attractive elbows a definite plus, though physical intimacy will be very limited for an unspecified period, subject to the dictates of government officials. Interested parties should transmit their astrological and vital signs to the CDC and await further instruction.


(s)James Treat

Silver City


—Originally appeared in the Silver City Daily Press, March 17, 2020


Author: James Treat

After an academic vocation teaching at several public research universities, James Treat is now an autonomous scholar, freelance creative, indigenous advocate, and nonviolent outdoorsman living in southwest New Mexico, within walking distance of the Continental Divide. His research focuses on American Indian ways of knowing, especially in the wake of imperial modernity. On a more theoretical level, he is interested in the human ecology of indigenous societies as a critique of industrial civilization. He writes literary nonfiction in various genres—reflexive scholarship, narrative history, topical essays, and found poetry. Much of his recent work has focused on the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, beginning with a monthly column on tribal traditions published in the Muscogee Nation News, reprinted by a dozen other periodicals, and archived at Mvskoke Country. He is currently writing a quarterly column for POME Magazine, another MCN publication, and working on related projects for their tribal enterprises. He is also completing a book manuscript titled A Sort of Strange Land: Poems Found in Indian Territory; previous versions of some of these pieces have been published in various literary and scholarly journals including Reckoning 1.

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