The repatriation flight skids off the tabletop runaway,

thundering in the tailwind.

Homing dreams crash through the optical illusion.


Breaking the pandemic shackles,

they gallop toward the gruesome gorge.

Downpour and darkness cannot immure their vigor.

They are incandescent with compassion,

forget their masks.

Excruciating voices.

They hasten to hospitals,

carrying the passengers in PPE kits,

who are either dead or dying.

Their WhatsApp messages multiply agile hands.

They wait before the blood banks.

The forlorn kids are glued to their hearts with the love-epoxy.


They return home to quarantine themselves

at dawn.

Humans aren’t extinct among men.


September 20, 2020


Author: Fabiyas M V

Fabiyas M V is a writer from Orumanayur village in Kerala, India. He is the author of Monsoon Turbulence (Poetry Nook, US) Shelter within the Peanut Shells (Red Cherry Books, India), Kanoli Kaleidoscope (PunksWritePoemsPress,US), Eternal Fragments (erbacce press, UK), Stringless Lives (Budding Light Press, Australia), Moonlight And Solitude (Raspberry Books, India). His fiction and poetry have appeared in several anthologies, magazines and journals. Western Australian University, British Council, University of Hawaii, Rosemont College, Douglas College, Forward Poetry, Off the Coast, Silver Blade, Pear Tree Press, Poetry Nook, Zoetic Press, Typehouse, Structo, Encircle Publications, Pendle War Poetry and Creative Writing Ink are some of his publishers. He has won many international accolades including Merseyside at War Poetry Award from Liverpool University; Lest We Forget Poetry Prize from Auckland War Memorial Museum; and Animal Poetry Prize 2012 from RSPCA (Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelties against Animals, UK). He was the finalist for Global Poetry Prize 2015 by the United Poets Laureate International (UPLI) in Vienna. His poems have been broadcast on All India Radio. Poetry Nook, US, has nominated him for the 2019 Pushcart Prize. He has been working as a teacher in English at Gov. Higher Secondary School, Maranchery in Kerala.

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