I’m the Villain, Ok?

I want to sit in my SUV

combust dead dinosaurs

into aerosols as tangible as need

I want the Monsanto magic

    for my lawn, my Big Boy tomatoes

I want to wait in the drive-through—

    engine roaring, gas escaping,

    invisible music pumping into my box

    sealed and thus safe from the outside—

    for my chicken made of corn

    my shake made of sugar (made of corn)

    my fries fried in corn

What matters is this moment

    the right tempo to tap my fingers to

    phone surfing, wifi filling space

        from here to Saturn as the years drag on

    to know no matter how much I cut

    myself off from touch, taste, smell

    I am not alone



Author: Mary Alexandra Agner

Mary Alexandra Agner writes of dead women, telescopes, and secrets in poetry, prose, and Ada. Did you know that geraniums have their distinctive smell even before they have blooms? She can be found online at http://www.pantoum.org.

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