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Over the course of a couple of years, I have managed to catalogue the most commonly listed invasive species for all 50 states using the USDA National Agricultural Library as my primary source. The difference in font size is directly dependent on the number of invasive plant species categorized as such by each state agency and, of course, the geographical shape and area of the given territory. The only significant variation in that pattern arises due to the fact that many variant plant species differentiated by their Latinate names in fact share a folk or colloquial name.

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Author: Travis Macdonald

Travis Macdonald is the author of two full-length books of procedural poetry—The O Mission Repo [vol.1], an erasure of The 9/11 Commission Report and Nostradamus, an N+7 treatment of Nostradamus’ quatrains. In his spare time, he co-edits Fact-Simile Editions ( with his wife JenMarie. In 2014, Travis was the recipient of a Pew Fellowship in the Arts for Literature. He is happy to be here with you.

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