Fight or Flight


Author: Stylo Starr

Stylo Starr is a Jamaican-Canadian artist or “visual alchemist,” and is known primarily for her multi-layered collage work, which has been featured on large public installations, international publications and apparel. Starr’s visual investigations surround predominantly Bodies of Color and their relationship to the basic principles and elements of design, while reaffirming their agency as revered subjects of art history.

Journalist Evelyn Myrie writes: “For Starr, her work is a ‘practice in revolutionary love’, rejecting the lingering effects of white supremacist ideology.”

Stylo unveiled her first major solo show at the Art Gallery of Hamilton alongside the works of Andy Warhol in 2017, and recently completed a residency with Hamilton, Ontario’s Cotton Factory studios, continuing her explorations in collage and multimedia arts.

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