Dynamic Equilibrium

Looking at a fluid-filled conical flask,

the reactants colourless,

you’d think nothing of note was happening.


It’s been the same of life in lockdown:

we go nowhere, see no one, touch nothing.


And yet, my son has taken up jogging and cooking,

my daughter, YouTube yoga, art.

My lecturer husband has been finding new ways

to connect with his students.


Me, I’ve been filling my own flask with words,

pouring myself into stories that one day I’ll share.


We’ve all been planting seeds and learning of the gifts

of nature; this unhurried way of life,

the dynamic quality of patience.


There is nothing static about this;

the very molecules of our being

are rearranging themselves.


—May 31, 2020


Author: Teika Marija Smits

Teika Marija Smits is a mother, writer, artist and editor. Her writing has appeared in various places including MslexiaShoreline of InfinityBrittle Star, Strix, LossLit and Literary Mama. When she’s not busy with her children, or creating, she’s busy managing the UK-based indie press, Mother’s Milk Books. She is continually delighted by the fact that Teika means ‘fairy tale’ in Latvian. She can be found at: https://marijasmits.wordpress.com and on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/MarijaSmits

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