Damned Water

“Reservoirs created by the [Hydro Quebec] James Bay

Project cover an area of 12,241 square kilometers,

the largest bodies of water created by humankind.”

from the James Bay Road website

your power needs water

traced to distant points of light like stars


unreachable          foreign

reflected in the fragile bones of quick-

silvered fish     drowned caribou      the snow-pale geese


relatives that feed me

decaying within as the fine root-web tangles in

the absence of water


siphoned and malign

feeding insatiable turbines

hulked on your layered landscape

a new topography shoveled and scraped


trembling beneath the weight

of your vast new lakes          never measured to memory

nor washed blue     on faded maps


here, where treeless spaces

crackle with a grid of

black and fire


all this to bring distant points

                    their light like stars