A brief history of misery

Among the stones, there was a flower that reached out to me.

Many years ago, I dreamt of the Arabian Nights

When I woke up I found myself laughing

Nothing wrong with the laughter

But we shouldn’t take history seriously when it turned into a big joke.

I sat at the edge of the battle

Dressed like a warrior

I am not a half person anymore

No Matter how my society categorizes me

No Matter how the world introduces me

I stand in a proud position

Pouring my excitement into the Revolution’s womb

I run with all my might seeking a door or a window

I found nothing

I type on my Google page


I searched many times

But found no results.

I recalled the rooster’s sound in our tales

I waited for its appointment

But nothing came.

I shouted like a child

Who had her first sight of a gorilla

I moaned

All the women who were hidden under my skin moaned louder.

We are not a family

We are one.

We are tied to each other against the walls of the prison.

It took a very long time to crawl from under the tunnels

Climbing the highest trees

Rubbing our faces with the world’s maps

Among the stones, there was a flower that reached out to me.

I was born with a great motivation to scratch the sky

No Matter how many people limited my power

No Matter how hard the world fought me.