What’s To Like?

A granite skull rose from the desert floor,

symbol of our demise,

in the 115 degree searing Egyptian heat.


We took a selfie with the Sphinx

for the fun of it, and titled it,

our seven thousand mile carbon footprint.


And then, we were off to Paris, to dine

near the Spanish Steps, and

post a photo of our dinner on FB.


From Paris to our favorite restaurant in Seattle

for clams, before clams die out.

Remember clams? Their beds forever buried deep

beneath the oil slick. What a pity, such a waste

when the pipes burst.

How many miles and tanks of gas lost,

spoiled, ruined?


Buenos Aires for breakfast with our dear friends.

But mostly, what we do is eat delicious meals

prepared with imported ingredients

from home sweet home.


Do you like my website, how we wrecked the world?

That’s me, the amateur ecologist standing

before the Sphinx

in the land of dead pharaohs and pyramids.