Too Hot to Handle

A woman in a dress lies reading on a foggy beach, her hair falling down to hide her face. An enormous mechanical clock hangs in the air.
The Beach
A woman holding a young child is superimposed on a scene of a flooded street.
The Street
A girl sitting in a paper boat looks up at a clear sky; at left, a house looms, seeming to slip into the sea.
The House
A girl stands waist-deep in a foggy ocean, watching as two humming birds seem to drown.
The Birds
A girl stands with her back too us looking past flooded trees. Four goldfish swim in the air among the trees.
The Forest
A girl sits cross-legged at the edge of a sandy ravine beside a single tree; her spirit appears to rise from her body.
The Drought


A girl with blurred eyes wearing a shift stands barefoot on a cracked, lifeless desert under a huge sun.
The Sun
A girl standing among flooded saplings throws back her head, her hair flying, arms spread wide, as dozens of leaves burst from her chest.
The Leaves

Author: Tracy Whiteside

Tracy Whiteside is a Chicago-area photographer specializing in Conceptual Art. A photographer for over 16 years, she is self-taught and is always developing new techniques. Her work has been seen in over 15 exhibitions and 80 publications in the last 2 years, including many magazine and book covers. With her current creations, Tracy wants to open your eyes with images of real people and the many aspects of their personalities that make them who they are. She uses Photoshop to achieve her visions. Inspiration is everywhere so she is always busy creating. You can enjoy her images on Instagram @whitesidetracyfashion and @whitesidetracy.

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