Art-Specific Guidelines

Dear Artists,

We’re aware our main submission guidelines are rather heavily skewed towards writers, and we thought you deserved something more specific. The magazine’s theme of environmental justice and what we say there about actively seeking work from marginalized folks and our preferences in visual art leaning “away from the pulpy towards the surreal, subversive, political” still very much apply. It might also help to look through this archive of (nearly) all the art we’ve featured in Reckoning so far.

  • We prefer cover art to suit the form factor of our print edition, which is 9 x 6 inch trade paper with 1/8 inch bleeds; dimensions for the full wraparound are in the area of 9.25 x 13 inches. Our covers are printed in full color, and we need 300 DPI minimum. For cover artwork, we pay $200 or as negotiated. We usually buy only one cover a year.

    Reckoning 5 wraparound cover, with artwork by Hana Amani
  • Interior art will appear online, in the ebook and in print, so if it’s not in black and white, it should at least translate to black and white reasonably well. The printable area for an interior page is 7.125 x 4 inches, 300 DPI minimum, and on the website images are displayed at up to 1152 pixels in width. We do our best to adapt your work to all formats! For interior art we pay $25 per piece or as negotiated, and we’d like to be able to feature at least a half dozen pieces per issue.

We have not yet had occasion to formulate an art-specific contract; general sample contract is here.

Moksha, our submissions manager, will accept artwork in any common web-ready format (.jpeg, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, or .svg), but only one at a time. If you’d like to submit multiple pieces, please compile them into a PDF or Word document or include a link to an online gallery. There is an upper limit on submission size of 10MB, so you may want to compress images; we’ll ask for higher-resolution versions later if needed.

Submit your work here via Moksha!

Thank you very much for your interest. Please ask any questions below.


Reckoning Editorial Staff


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