Reckoning 7 Guidelines: Fiction

As I’m reading the fiction submissions for Reckoning 7, I am particularly interested in stories about the global water system, including marine, wetland, and riparian environments. The Earth is a watery planet and the effect of climate change, for example, on sea level rise, marine ecology, and coastal communities is an invitation to explore the oceanic Gothic. I’m also interested in seeing stories that connect water systems and exploration, keeping in mind that historically, exploration has frequently resulted in exploitation. I’d like to see stories that address the many consequences of this, as well as stories about the future of sustainable marine exploration, and the interaction between human and nonhuman species in watery environments. Please note that stories not on this theme will also be considered so long as they are focused on environmental justice, so please don’t self-reject.

Payment for fiction is 8 cents (US) per word and there are no fees to submit.

Read the full guidelines and submit!


Author: Octavia Cade

Octavia Cade is a New Zealand writer. Her stories have appeared in Clarkesworld, Asimov’s, and Shimmer, amongst others. She attended Clarion West 2016 and loves post-apocalyptic stories and science. One of her bucket list goals is to see a live kakapo (at time of writing there were only 148 left, but their numbers are slowly rising).

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