Reckoning 5 Submission Call – Poetry

For Reckoning 5, I’m looking for poems which move in concert with fiction editor Cécile Cristofari’s call for work that spotlights the moments of environmental beauty we’re living in right now, holding close to our hearts, or carefully cultivating in the back corner lot twice a day, on the way to and from the streetcar.

The little seed you’re carrying around, waiting to replant. The spaces cupped full of joy in motion. Something holy in your pocket; a little-god reminder of why we do the work and what’s worth working for. That which is coming. That which has been quietly growing all along. That which is beautiful amidst the noise—all seen through the lens of environmental justice.

I have a soft spot for formal poetry done in a way where your voice slips free, but would love to see your free verse, translations, little epics, concrete poetry, speculative poetry, all the things I couldn’t even think up right now to list, and most importantly, the unique texture of your own voice.

If you’re working in a form or tradition you aren’t sure I’ll culturally grasp: please, tell me about it in your cover letter. I’ll ask the followup questions necessary to meet you halfway.

I will consider exceptional work that falls slightly outside of the theme or spins it in unexpected ways as long as it stays firmly centred on the topic of environmental justice.

Up to five poems per submission welcomed, and thank you in advance for your work.

Read the full guidelines and submit here. And Cécile Cristofari’s call for fiction and nonfiction is here.


Author: Leah Bobet

Leah Bobet’s most recent novel, An Inheritance of Ashes, won the Sunburst, Copper Cylinder, and Prix Aurora Awards. Her short fiction has appeared in multiple Year’s Best anthologies, and her poetry in Uncanny Magazine, Goblin Fruit, and Strange Horizons. She lives and works in Toronto, where she contributes to food security and civic engagement projects and makes heroic amounts of jam. Visit her at

2 thoughts on “Reckoning 5 Submission Call – Poetry”

  1. Is it okay to submit poems that are embedded in a short story or novel I’m trying to publish elsewhere? If they get published here first, will that cause copyright problems for the original story if I publish it elsewhere?

    1. Our contract has no exclusivity clause after publication, so as long as it comes out in Reckoning first, it’s no problem for us if you sell us a poem and then immediately sell it again elsewhere. (If it comes out elsewhere first, then we’d still potentially consider it, but we’d be considering it as a reprint, not an original, for which our pay rate is lower.) I can’t say whether this would be a problem for the other publisher–depends on their policy, plus the timing and specific circumstance–but you should definitely notify them of the sale.

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