Podcast Episode 1: Delta Marsh

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Welcome to the Reckoning Press podcast. Reckoning is a nonprofit, annual journal of creative writing on environmental justice. This podcast will feature very occasional poetry, fiction and essays from the journal, plus interviews with the authors. I’m Michael J. DeLuca, publisher, and also the editor of Reckoning 2.

For our first episode, we’ve got Casey June Wolf reading “Delta Marsh”, her short story about mourning in suburban Manitoba that examines the commonality between civilization and wildness to be found in death.

I hope you enjoy. As Casey said on twitter, “Have a boo”.


This podcast is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). Content and audio recording are copyright by the author.


Casey June Wolf

Casey June Wolf lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, but her youngest days were spent in Winnipeg and Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

Casey writes occasional, mostly speculative, short stories, which have appeared in a variety of magazines and anthologies. Recent and pending publications include the ghost story “In Days and Nights the World is Spent”, in Canadian Tales of the Fantastic VI, and “The One That Gets Away”, a tale of a man and sharks, in Food Of My People. Her poems “Danu and the Dagda” and “All-Giving Sun” will appear in the forthcoming anthology Harp, Club, and Cauldron: A Harvest of Knowledge (a curated anthology of scholarship, lore, and creative writings on the Dagda in Irish tradition).

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