come, sit on the mountain, and

watch us speak to the stars.


their language is

morse code and phasic shifts;

we paint in roads and villages

and the hum of high-voltage

transformers, we murmur

in street lamps and stadiums

and the ill-mannered leak

of a window.


like shouting through high wind,

we are veiled

by clouds and magnetic storms and

the jealous glare of our sun


but the earth is

a glimmering bauble, and

our hands will bedeck her

with light.


Author: Jennifer Mace

Jennifer Mace is a queer Brit who roams the Pacific Northwest in search of tea and interesting plant life. A two-time Hugo-finalist podcaster for her work with Be The Serpent, she writes about strange magic and the cracks that form in society. Her short fiction has appeared in Cast of Wonders and the anthology Skies of Wonder, Skies of Danger, while her poetry may be found in Liminality and Uncanny. Her anthology Silk & Steel: A Queer Speculative Adventure Anthology, with co-editors Janine Southard and Django Wexler, may be found through Cantina Press. Find her online at
Photo credit: Karen Osborne.

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