Surely I will breathe fresh air

Surely I will drink clean water

Surely I will not suffer alone

Surely I will not rage with fever

Surely I will not be turned away

To cramp and bleed unaided

Surely I will root in rich soil

Surely my voice will be heard

For what I meant, not what I said;

For what I should have meant.

Surely my trees will not burn,

Nor my bridges, nor my books.

Surely I am not one of those people

Surely I have nothing to fear

Surely I will never lie down

In this bed someone else has made,

A stranger in the land I thought I knew.


Author: Marissa Lingen

Marissa Lingen is a freelance writer living in the suburbs of Minneapolis with her family. Mostly she writes speculative fiction. She has a large collection of foliage-themed jewelry.

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