Reckoning 2

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A locus for the conflict between the world as it has become and the world as we wanted it to be.

“In a world of disappearing futures, Reckoning arrives like a flock of undiscovered birds—a journal of speculative ecology that invents its own new genre, simultaneously urgent and atemporal, from a diverse array of mostly new voices—the freshest and most important new fantastic literature magazine in a very long time.” — Christopher Brown, author of Tropic of Kansas

Ebook release: December 21, 2017.
e-ISBN: 9780998925226
Ebook available now!
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Print release: June 21, 2018.
ISBN: 978-0-9989252-3-3
248 pages, 67,000 words.

Online release: New content appearing weekly starting January 1, 2018; links go live in the table of contents below.



Cover: Rebirth – Archan Nair December 21, 2017
Disintigreetings – Pepe Rojo January 18,2018
Once It Was a Tree – Oneslutriot June 22, 2018


Earthspun – Krista Hoeppner Leahy January 25, 2018
The Bull Who Bars the Gate to Heaven – Zella Christensen February 22, 2018
I’m the Villain, Ok? – Mary Alexandra Agner March 15, 2018
A Hundred Years From Now – Mohammad Shafiqul Islam April 26, 2018
Development – F.J. Bergmann May 17, 2018
Will We Be Good and Kind At The End – Kelly Madden June 15, 2018


A Wispy Chastening – D.A. Xiaolin Spires January 11, 2018
Rumpelstiltskin – Jane Elliott February 1, 2018
To the Place of Skulls – Innocent Ilo February 8, 2018
Girl Singing with Farm – Kathrin Köhler March 1, 2018
The Complaint of All Living Things – Joanne Rixon March 8, 2018
Fourth-Dimensional Tessellations of the American College Graduate – Marie Vibbert March 22, 2018
Delta Marsh – Casey June Wolf March 29, 2018
The Shale Giants – Marissa Lingen April 5, 2018
An Oasis of Amends – Floris M. Kleijne May 3, 2018
The Alice Grey – Santiago Belluco May 10, 2018
Lanny Boykin Rises Up Singing – Jess Barber June 1, 2018
Night of No Return – Grace Seybold June 8, 2018


Editor’s Note: On Having a Kid in the Climate Apocalypse – Michael J. DeLuca January 4, 2018
A Ghost Can Only Take – Justin Howe February 15, 2018
From Paris, With Rage – George F. April 12, 2018
‘You are from the U.S.’ – Yukyan Lam April 19, 2018
A Kinder And More Caring Future? – Brian Francis Slattery May 25, 2018


Author: Michael J. DeLuca

Michael J. DeLuca is a fernlike, woody perennial native to the Eastern US, found on hilltops and in woodland clearings from Massachusetts to Michigan. Leaves astringent; strongly tannic; used in teas, to flavor ales and as an aromatic smudge. Flowers late summer in cylindrical catkins. @michaeljdeluca;

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